Not Just Any Screen by Calgary Interior Designer

A wonderful client of mine was in need of a very specific screen for her apartment in Calgary, AB.  This screen had to be on castors, have double sided hinges, have 10″ wide panels, and be 86″h x 90″w.  Purpose of such a screen was to act as a fun, bright, and beautiful statement mobile piece that could also hide her treadmill!    She asked me if I was willing to take on the project, and I thought… sure, why not (knowing full well my extremely talented husband, Jon, would have to execute this design idea as most trade partners in this town would have turn this ‘smaller’ project down).

So, the client and I selected a beautiful teal paint colour & the fun black & white trellis wallpaper.  I did up the design drawings & passed the project along to Jon.  Jon sourced the hardware, hinges, & castors and spent many hours figuring out the best way to put this ‘tall, heavy, double-sided, wall on wheels’ together.  He did (of course)!

This is a blog to recognize that a design idea is just an idea until it is executed.  As designers we always need to be thankful for all the trades, suppliers, engineers, and contractors that make our projects come to life.

Thank you Jon!



Not Just Any Screen 1 by Calgary Interior Designer Not Just Any Screen 2 by Calgary Interior Designer Not Just Any Screen 3 by Calgary Interior Designer

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