Yearly Archives: 2015

Tribal Style from Literal to Luxurious by Calgary Interior Design Firm

Taking a concept and turning it into it’s most luxurious form is not always an easy task. When a client asks for a

Manuel Canovas + Silva’s Sarah Richardson Coco High Back = STYLISH & FUN by Calgary Interior Design Firm

Pulling the look together for this London couple’s living room was lots of fun, as they were willing to take some risks

Elbow Park Basement Renovation by Calgary Interior Design Firm

After the Calgary Flood, this basement bathroom located in Elbow Park was in need of a restorative renovation. Because

Solace Master Retreat by Calgary Interior Designer

Who needs a holiday when you have a beautiful master bedroom to escape to?  The custom panelling on the walls adds a

Benefits of Custom Pillows by Calgary Interior Designer

Switching out pillows is a great and cost-effective way to change the look of a space. To avoid that awkward moment

A Stunning Stairwell by Calgary Interior Designer

Here are some fantastic project photos of a beautiful white panelled stairwell with rich oak stain-grade handrail &

Modern Luxe Design Details by Calgary Interior Designer

Taking a design project from beginning to end is greatly beneficial for clients.  Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

A Raspberry Gem Baby Room by Calgary Interior Designer

Raspberry pink and charcoal greys are gorgeous colours for a little girls baby’s room!  This room has beautiful

Timeless Luxury by Calgary Interior Designer

Simplistic & timeless, this luxurious looking master bedroom design was actually designed on a budget.  Here is how

Summer Fun Bedroom by Calgary Interior Designer

I enjoy sharing design projects on the blog.  I feel each project is so different & represents different design

Sweet Dreams by Calgary Interior Designer

This baby’s room was designed for a beautiful precious little girl of one of my clients.  Our goal was to create

Dining in the Spring by Calgary Interior Designer

A project worth sharing… this dining room!   The table & chairs are sculptural with their unique forms and lines.

Teal & Green for Spring by Calgary Interior Designer

With spring just around the corner, I am proud to share with you this design project of a living room.  These Calgary,

Updating an Infill by Calgary Interior Designer

A little bit of paint, some new tile, & a bit of great furniture pieces, this house has had a small facelift!  The

A Converted Master Bedroom by Calgary Interior Designer

This Inglewood renovation was fantastic to work on.  The clients wanted to freshen up the house and update the decor.