Seniors Friendly Bathroom Renovation – Before + After

Seniors Bathroom Renovation – Before + After

I can honestly say that this seniors bathroom renovation was one of the most successful and smooth projects that NFID has been apart of.  Here is why:

  1.  The design planning was an enjoyable challenge! – We needed to renovate a bathroom to perfectly meet the needs of our client.  This came down to understanding exactly how our client functioned in the space.  We reviewed every aspect and spent time on EVERY detail from grab bar locations, the heated towel rack height, tile starting points, shower opening, shower seat placement, shower hand-held & rainhead heights, shampoo & conditioner basket size & locations when both standing & sitting the shower, toilet seat height, storage requirements, make up area for hair styling, magnifying mirror location, control locations, lighting levels, shower mat sizes, and finished it off with a favourite photo of a rose from her daughters garden in England!  We wanted to achieve a classic palette that would make the space feel elegant and larger too:-).   I can honestly say that this bathroom was designed with love & care for our client as if she was our own family.
  2. The client was amazing!!! – We designed this bathroom for a lovely lady in her 90’s who was active, computer savvy, positive, and had a zest for life.  She was an encouragement to every trade and person on the job site.  She set such a high standard and good example for us all on how to enjoy life.  Spending time with her was a gift and in-lieu everyone wanted to do their best work for her.
  3. The contractor runs a successful, caring, skilled, and smooth business. – This renovation specialist does not cut corners (and this isn’t just lip service, they actually have integrity in this area).  They provide high-quality construction & top-notch customer service.  They made construction look effortless (even though we all know it is not).  Everyone on their team is an experienced + kind professional that knows how to think outside the box and contribute positively to problem solving solutions.  They know how to provide accurate budgets based on the design & interior finishes/selections (provided by NFID), and they were able to stay within the financial parameters that were set by us at the beginning of the project.  They also set out and communicated to us a realistic construction timeline and didn’t make any promises that they could not keep.  This allowed NFID to confidently communicate and set up our client for a successful renovation experience.  Even though this bathroom project is considered ‘small’ in size, the amount of work & details required were greater, and of more importance, then some large bathroom design that we have completed in the past.

Here is the before photo:Bathroom Before Photo

Here are the after photos:

During a renovation process, I believe you do get what you pay for.  If you are always looking to cut corners throughout the process, expectations will never be met by any party involved.  Ideally, it is best to go into a renovation with a solid design plan, selections and finishes made, and then have a renovation specialist/contractor price out the project based on the design.   It is okay if things change during the process, however initial accurate budgets do set a standard for all parties committed in the process.


Project: Private Residence, Calgary Alberta

Interior Design Firm: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary, AB & Kelowna, BC

Contractor: Triangle Enterprises Ltd., Calgary, AB

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography, Calgary, AB

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