Organic Baby Room

Decorating and prepping a baby room brings so much bliss.  It’s a time for anticipating and celebrating a new beginning.  It’s always an exciting and memorable moment when your new bundle of joy comes home.  And even more amazing to have them nestled in the room designed just for them.  For this space, NFID got the opportunity to help create this modern organic baby’s new digs was created to be a place of solace, filled with neutral tones and organic vibes.

Organic & Neutral

One of the most important features in a baby room is in creating a place of solace.  In order to create this, NFID focused on neutral ocean beach tones for the entire room.  The mix of soft greys, white and hint of natural wood set the tone for this modern organic baby’s room.  The colour scheme playfully comes together, creating a space complete with relaxation.  When the natural light cascades into the room, the colour scheme allows the area to further brighten up, reminding us of a calming day on the beach.

This room is complete with modern and organic baby touches throughout.  The modern design crib and dresser in white, playfully contrasts with the wicker chair and lampshade.  Additionally, the cowhide rug and feather baby mobile is introduced to further enhance the organic outdoor inspired features in the room.

In addition, an organic pattern wallpaper feature wall was placed behind the crib.  Along with patterned curtains hung against the windows.  Both items give the space a subtle, unique design feature.  A white ‘S’ hangs adjacent to the feature wall, adding a personalized finishing touch.

There is plenty of room for this modern baby’s ready to go items on top of the dresser.  With shared space to also feature some of the baby’s keepsake items.  Other items can be stored in the dresser.  Stuffed animals were placed on the chair and crib, giving the room a comforting feel.

We hope that this bundle of joy and parents enjoy the room as much as we enjoyed in designing it!


Written By: Tatiana Bacalso

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary & Kelowna Interior Design Firm

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography


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Luxury Master Retreat Design

This luxury master retreat design is the epitome of cozy.  The monotone theme of the space oozes ultimate relaxation.  It’s simple and clean, with its design focusing heavily in the details and the colour scheme of the space.  Together these features bring a sense of harmony and luxury all in one.Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Shades of Grey

Overall, the space focuses on monotone hues, from floor to ceiling.  Specifically containing a variety of shades of grey.  A feature wall in the room showcases a textured wallcovering design from JF Fabrics.  This wallcovering gives this master bedroom subtle exclusivity with this textured feature wall.  Furthermore, this design allows the wall to be undecorated, but still act as an artistic and effortless design feature.

A polished nickel chandelier also adds on to the shades of grey features of this space.  The silver colouring of the chandelier not only flows with the colour scheme, but also harmoniously adds a contrast to the rest of the room.  This luxurious chandelier is by Robert Abbey Rico Espinet Candelabra.  With such clean lines throughout the space, the design of this chandelier introduces a differing shape giving the room a hint of more variety.

Luxurious Details

The vaulted ceiling gives the room the illusion of more space.  In addition, its custom beam detailing gives this master bedroom more character in such a simple way!  It adds clean lines and design to the overall look.  With a hint of cabin-like vibes, upping the room’s cozy factor.

Designer fabric pillows add a stylish, yet simple finishing touch to the space.  Following the tones of the room, the pillows range from white to grey.  The accent pillow doesn’t stray away from the colour scheme, still contributing a pop of shimmer.  The pillows sit beautifully on a simple and modern design bedframe.  The space also includes Hunter Douglas silhouette window coverings.  The window coverings either shade or allow the natural light to flow into the room. Adding to the zen-like atmosphere of the space.

This effortless master bedroom is the perfect combination of laidback and luxury.  It serves its purpose as a retreat all while showcasing the spaces luxurious design.


Clients:  Private Residence, Renfrew, Calgary, AB

Written: Tatiana Bacalso

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary & Kelowna Interior Design Firm

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography, Calgary, AB

Wallpaper Installation: Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary, AB

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Powder rooms are an important show element in your home.  Though it’s small, this space can be used to show off personalized style and adds final touches to your home.  These designs can either flow with the design of the rest of your spaces or have the option to be bold and stray away.  Designing this space is a great opportunity to experiment and add fun design features.  Wallpapers are often the go-to choice when adding exciting design features in powder rooms.  

To add personality for this powder room, NFID experimented with texture.  Simply by adding an unique design feature with this hand painted wallcovering choice.


This powder room features hand painted wallcoverings done by Vahallan Papers.  Vahallan is known for their fine and decorative wallcoverings.  Their designs can be found in “some of the most stylish and luxurious homes, hotels and businesses in the United States and around the world”.  They are more than fifteen years filled with skill in their expertise.  Since the beginning, the owner, Dan Nelson, has focused on making the wall coverings one-of-a-kind and artistic.  With each covering applied to the wall in smaller panels.  The company takes pride in giving decor enthusiasts the ability to make a room more vibrant and alive.

This particular wallcovering chosen for this powder room is from the Enchanted, Arcadia collection.  The design shows the epitome of Vahallan design, giving the space a one-of-a-kind appearance.  From far, the wallpaper seems to only contain a unique design.  But once you are up close, you’re able to see its intricate design and texture.  The beauty of this handmade wallcovering shines once seeing the texture.  This gorgeous gray/silver wallpaper allows the space to flourish into a distinctive room through just one design element.

Overall, the space contains a polished and exclusive vibe.  The room’s grey and black palette is balanced and effectively showcase the silver accents throughout the powder room.


Written By: Tatiana Bacalsc, Calgary, AB

Project:  Private Residence, Marda Loop

Interior Design Firm:  Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary & Kelowna Interior Design Firm

Wallcovering Installation: Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary AB

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography, Calgary, AB

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