Before + After Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is one of the essentials in your home.  It’s a place where your best (and worst) recipes come to life.  Each experience can be shared with your whole family.  But a kitchen is more than just a place to cook, it can also be a place to entertain and enjoy company. Together, this viewpoint is the fundamental foundation of this kitchen renovation design.  We are excited to share these before + after kitchen renovation photos with you!

We worked with some amazing clients to cook up this project.  This household needed an upgrade from their previous kitchen.  The atmosphere of the before space was cramped, cluttered and enclosed.  With this, our goal was to transform this dark hued kitchen with dated wood work.  As a result, it blossomed into to a kitchen with a timeless palette.

White and Airy

In contrast to the before dark tones of this kitchen, we aimed for a complete opposite vibe for the after.  We transformed the space into an open and airy white kitchen.  Complete with clean lines and an overall sleek design.  All contributed by its white palette and site finished hardwood.

First, we upgraded the cabinets from its dated version into high gloss white cabinets with stainless steel edge pulls from Lobello Manufacturing Ltd.  To complete the look, we chose Caesarstone Calcatta Nuvo for the countertops and backsplash.  This beautiful quartz was also used for waterfall countertops on the ends of the dishwasher and long run.  In addition, the simple yet stunning design of the flat crown to ceiling also contribute to the open feeling of the space.

The sleek design and palette of the kitchen also flows into the nook.  As seen with the Nelson Pendant lighting chosen along with the Saarinen dining table.

Room for Movement

An important design feature for this space, is the ability to have an increased amount of movement.  Because of the functional storage designs throughout, this vision came to life.  Instantly allowing the after space to have increased room for movement in the same amount of space as the before.  For instance, in addition to the under-counter wine fridge in the island, the island also contains a trash/recycling pull out drawer.  The microwave is also placed under the counter for more counter space.

Additional storage was increased by placing a blind corner unit in a base cabinet.  As well as roll out shelves in cabinet pantry.  There is also a tambour door in shallow depth wall storage for a cell phone charging/drop zone.  Drawers were placed under the sink to maximize storage, with tons of room for pots and pans throughout the entire space.

We also aimed at using the kitchen as more than just a space for cooking.  But also, a kitchen for entertaining.  As a result, while the long countertop runs across, a wine cooler is conveniently stored underneath.  This makes drinks more accessible while appetizers are placed on the countertop, when entertaining friends and family.  For additional convenience, multiple electrical pop up outlets were places on the island for appliance use and food prep.

NFID loved working with these clients and on this renovation.


Written by: Tatiana Bacalso, Calgary, AB

Project: Private Clients, Sundance, Calgary, AB

Interior Design Firm + Millwork Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Interior Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography

Cabinet Manufacturer: Lobello Manufacturing Ltd.

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Dumpling Lab Restaurant Design

Located in the heart of Calgary’s Chinatown, is a unique restaurant design, the Dumpling Lab.  This specialized dumpling eatery, dubs their restaurant as “a world of dumplings”.  The restaurant is aimed to “recreate the history and dynamics of dumplings from around the world”.  As dumplings are found in every type of cuisine, and the Dumpling Lab’s menu was curated to recognize dumplings from every culture.  Resulting in each dish representing a different culture.  Dumplings range from mango and shrimp, to pot stickers with chicken, corn and pine nut.  Each dumpling is made in house, by hand and from scratch.

The restaurants interior follows the made from scratch motif, influencing its design concept heavily. In addition, its interiors are Asian inspired, modern and fresh, throughout the entire space.  The restaurant follows a black and white palette, with a pop of white oak throughout.  Upon entering the Dumpling Lab, you are greeted with white oak custom doors.  In addition to the 1” mosaic hex tiles are placed above.  With the restaurant’s logo in black, giving you a sample of what’s in store inside.

Black and White

The black and white palette is the foundation of this restaurant’s design.  Its white walls give the space an open and airy vibe.  A feature wall pays tribute to the restaurant’s Asian inspired concept.  In addition, the feature wall art gives the minimalistic walls a unique twist.  By the same token, the Caesarstone Calacatta Nuvo Quartz marble counter, also give the white tones of the eatery more flavour.  Effectively contrasting with the white oak.  On the other hand, the black seats and charcoal hardwood porcelain tile flooring contributes to the darker hues to the black and white palette.

White Oak

The customized white oak placed throughout the restaurant design acts as an eye-catching element.  This results in giving the modern and minimalistic design of the space a hint of distinctiveness.  In addition to the custom doors, the space also contains white oak custom pick up and eating bars.  These spaces allow fluidity throughout the restaurant, as dumpling makers and eaters share similar places to enjoy and share their unified love of dumplings!Dumpling Lab Restaurant Design by Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary + Kelowna Interior Design Firm


Written by: Tatiana Biasco

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography

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Industrial Kitchen & Dining Room Design

Industrial style has held its popularity in interior design for many years.  Its influence has streamed from warehouses to restaurants into homes.  It doesn’t seem as if the trend plans to stop any time soon!  For this home’s kitchen and dining room, NFID focused on bringing forth the right amount of modernity and industrial aesthetic into these spaces.  With this equation, it transformed this local home into a SoHo retreat.


The stainless steel and iron accents of the kitchen complete the industrial vibe of the space, contrasting with its dark tones.  This can be seen with the stainless-steel appliances throughout the kitchen.  Such as, the stove, overhead fan, dishwasher and microwave.  In addition to the steel accent cabinet pulls.  In result, they effectively compliment the dark walnut cabinetry.  Moreover, the Blanco Silgranite undermount sink in colour ‘Cafe’, and faucet adds to the industrial vibe of the kitchen.  This sink and faucet duo features increased depth.  Therefore, giving the space an aura of an industrial kitchen.

The kitchen’s quartz countertops give the space a more “at home” feel.  While effectively balancing out the darker tones of the cabinetry, flooring and brick walls.  Meanwhile, by placing the microwave under the counter, this allows the kitchen to have more open counter space.  This gives the island counter more functionality.  Permitting homeowners, the space to dine right at the counter, and entertain guests while moving freely throughout the kitchen.

Dining Room

Additionally, this room allows for a more formal setting for dinner.  With enough seats for a sit-down family style meal with six seats available.  The use of mix and match chairs is another key feature in industrial design.  For this dining set, we used Restoration Hardware’s tufted dining chair in cigar leather as our accent chairs.  Its reclaimed look lies within its worn leather, further accentuating the rooms industrial design.  It’s cigar leather balances the white hues of the rest of the modern dining chairs.  In addition, the Sonneman Atelier Dining Room light fixture contributes to the modern touches of the room.  This fixture gives the space a touch of uniqueness with the its modern design, further enhancing the steel accents of the overall design.

Furthermore, the walnut dining table from IZM perfectly matches the cabinetry and flooring.  The dark wood aesthetic effectively flows from the kitchen into the dining room.  Cementing the industrial atmosphere of this space are the art pieces showcasing industrial art by Lindsay Nichols Photography.

One of the key features in successfully delivering an industrial aesthetic, is exposed brick.  The exposed brick carries the warehouse ambiance from the kitchen, streaming into the dining room.  The brick chosen for these spaces is a perfect match in hues with the flooring, cabinetry and dining table.  As a result, both room’s dark hues and contrasting steel accents, complete this local home’s SoHo apartment vibe.  For this home, New York City is just around the corner.


Written By: Tatiana Bacalso

Interior Design Firm:  Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography

Builder: Hopewell Residential

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