Laundry Never Looked So Good!

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Laundry Never Looked So Good!

Outside of the kitchen and bath, the laundry room is another household space that is getting increased attention when it comes to remodelling.  Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design specializes in Kelowna renovation projects, and this summer, I helped my lovely clients transform their laundry room into a functional and beautiful space.

When developing the design, I considered elements including access to water, proper storage, space for a washer, dryer, sink, countertop, and clearance space for moving around easily.  Atmosphere-wise, we were shooting for a crisp, clean, modern feel.

One of the changes that substantially impacted the functionality of the space was removing the previous closet to add a folding counter area with a laundry bin and shelf.  Previously there was no space to sort and fold clean clothes.  The space also has a clothing rod where items can be hung.  This was a huge convenience improvement.

I wanted to create a bright space that combined different textures, colours and finishes. I went with hex white marble floors for a clean and luxurious feeling and bright lighting to make the room appear even larger. The Thibaut linen wall coverings, installed by Kelowna’s top professional paperhanger DWC Drop Wallcoverings, flow into the marble penny round tiles on adjacent walls, offering the perfect juxtaposition that defines the room’s different spaces.Laundry Never Looked So Good!

For the custom-designed millwork, I selected Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue HC-145, a perfectly muted blue that makes a subtle yet sophisticated impact.  The cabinetry over the washer and dryer takes advantage of the space with extra deep storage.  Satin brass hardware, an antique brass arm wall sconce, and a sleek picture ledge bring some extra character and a homey feel to the room.Laundry Never Looked So Good by Kelowna Interior Designer, Natalie Fuglestveit

Sometimes working in smaller spaces can be so rewarding, as was the case with this renovated laundry room. I hope this space makes the daily chore of laundry a bit more enjoyable for my clients. As an Okanagan interior design company, NFID serves clients from Vernon to Penticton and the surrounding areas. If you have an interior decorating or design project that needs some inspiration, I invite you to get in touch!

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