Elegant Chic Living Room + Dining Room

The ultimate goal for this home was to have both a living room and dining room design that was tailor-made to suit the client’s needs/wants and personality.  In addition to being chic and elegant, relaxation and entertaining purposes were also a part of the checklist.As a result, the living room was extended into the nook for entertaining purposes.  With both spaces connected together with a stunning teal area rug by CDL Carpet & Flooring.  The soft silver grey custom-made ottomans placed in the middle act as a mediator between both areas, tying in conversations throughout the room and making sure the fluidity between both visiting areas are in sync.

In addition, the client wanted a subdued peaceful place by the window to read in the morning.  With the goal being that the vibe of the space was relaxed and happy.  A place where she could feel love and restored.  The combination of the calm natural light streaming in, and the white, grey and teal color scheme made this ambiance possible.

Customized to the T-eal

Home designs are always catered to fit the clients individual style.  For this space, teal was the focus of customization.  Our client loves the colour teal.  The pieces chosen throughout the living space were personalized and made just for her.  All of which, paid tribute to her love of the colour!  Customized Gresham House teal velvet slipper chairs were created, along with ripple fold white sheer drapery, custom made by NFID.  In addition, both the living room’s chaise and concrete coffee table by Sculptural Design were also custom-built for this space.

Elegant Dining

Elegance was another important element for this client’s home.  Specifically, elegant dining. Dining chairs were also customized.  These beautifully designed seats were created by Gresham House Furniture in JF Fabrics Grace.  These seats were the cherry on top for this spaces’ elegance.  They are also perfect for comfort, for long dinner parties for our client’s guests!Layering Greys

Grey can be found throughout both rooms and held a key element in having fluidity within both spaces.  Layering greys can be found in upholstery fabrics such as the dining chairs and the chaise.  Along with staple elements such as the fireplace and concrete coffee table.  Resulting in perfectly tying in both spaces.


Written By: Tatiana Bacalso

Project: Private Client, Marda Loop, Calgary, AB (#nfidmardaloop)

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography


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Moroccan Design – Master Bedroom

With summer coming to an end, and autumn still lingering in our minds with its gorgeous palette of yellow, red and brown leaves.  Dreamy destinations only seem to creep up in our minds more than ever, as the weather gets colder.  But ultimately, the best getaway is right in your home – your bedroom.  NFID transformed this master bedroom into the ultimate mini Moroccan designed inspired retreat.

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Detailed Design

From detailed light fixtures and mosaic tiles, Moroccan design is all about the finishing touches and detailed design.  Which is exactly what NFID focused on for this space.  For instance, this custom-made headboard is made out of a Moroccan screen and painted white.  Its detailed Alhambra pattern design can be seen throughout the entire headboard.

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

In addition, matching the tones of the headboard, is the vintage dresser painted in white.  Moroccan patterns are further enhanced with Alhambra featured photography and artwork.  Wicker nightstands are placed beside the bed, offering a contrasting tone to the white hues of the room.  Following the Moroccan theme of the room is the vintage Moroccan styled chair painted in burnt orange, adding a pop of vibrant colour.

Tilework is another focus of Moroccan design.  White hex mosaic floor tiles are placed throughout the bathroom floor.  Further enhancing the focus on detailed design.

Final Touches

The final touches of this room, complete this Moroccan retreat.  Custom double euro pleated drapery were specially made for this space, matching the mid-century painted vintage dresser.   The West Elm table lamps add a modern flair to Moroccan inspired curved lamps.  This retreat also includes a contrasting unique hanging burnt orange fan light fixture.

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Luscious pillows and comfort are also another staple for Moroccan interiors.  For this space, ultimate comfort and design is seen on the bed.  On the back of the bed, we have grey silk Euro Pillows.  In front, Scumacher pillows, Betwixt in Color in Zinc and white.  Adding to the final touches, a boho feature pillow.  All of which sit on top of the white pin tuck duvet cover, providing comfort and style for this Moroccan retreat.

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Written By: Tatiana Bacalso, Calgary, AB

Interior Design Firm: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary & Kelowna Interior Design Firm

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography, Calgary, AB

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Before + After Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is one of the essentials in your home.  It’s a place where your best (and worst) recipes come to life.  Each experience can be shared with your whole family.  But a kitchen is more than just a place to cook, it can also be a place to entertain and enjoy company. Together, this viewpoint is the fundamental foundation of this kitchen renovation design.  We are excited to share these before + after kitchen renovation photos with you!

We worked with some amazing clients to cook up this project.  This household needed an upgrade from their previous kitchen.  The atmosphere of the before space was cramped, cluttered and enclosed.  With this, our goal was to transform this dark hued kitchen with dated wood work.  As a result, it blossomed into to a kitchen with a timeless palette.

White and Airy

In contrast to the before dark tones of this kitchen, we aimed for a complete opposite vibe for the after.  We transformed the space into an open and airy white kitchen.  Complete with clean lines and an overall sleek design.  All contributed by its white palette and site finished hardwood.

First, we upgraded the cabinets from its dated version into high gloss white cabinets with stainless steel edge pulls from Lobello Manufacturing Ltd.  To complete the look, we chose Caesarstone Calcatta Nuvo for the countertops and backsplash.  This beautiful quartz was also used for waterfall countertops on the ends of the dishwasher and long run.  In addition, the simple yet stunning design of the flat crown to ceiling also contribute to the open feeling of the space.

The sleek design and palette of the kitchen also flows into the nook.  As seen with the Nelson Pendant lighting chosen along with the Saarinen dining table.

Room for Movement

An important design feature for this space, is the ability to have an increased amount of movement.  Because of the functional storage designs throughout, this vision came to life.  Instantly allowing the after space to have increased room for movement in the same amount of space as the before.  For instance, in addition to the under-counter wine fridge in the island, the island also contains a trash/recycling pull out drawer.  The microwave is also placed under the counter for more counter space.

Additional storage was increased by placing a blind corner unit in a base cabinet.  As well as roll out shelves in cabinet pantry.  There is also a tambour door in shallow depth wall storage for a cell phone charging/drop zone.  Drawers were placed under the sink to maximize storage, with tons of room for pots and pans throughout the entire space.

We also aimed at using the kitchen as more than just a space for cooking.  But also, a kitchen for entertaining.  As a result, while the long countertop runs across, a wine cooler is conveniently stored underneath.  This makes drinks more accessible while appetizers are placed on the countertop, when entertaining friends and family.  For additional convenience, multiple electrical pop up outlets were places on the island for appliance use and food prep.

NFID loved working with these clients and on this renovation.


Written by: Tatiana Bacalso, Calgary, AB

Project: Private Clients, Sundance, Calgary, AB

Interior Design Firm + Millwork Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Interior Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography

Cabinet Manufacturer: Lobello Manufacturing Ltd.

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