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Rustic Modern Kitchen & Dining Rm by Calgary Interior Designer

Happy New Year to all!  Here is the first blog for the year 2014.  Starting it off with some amazing pictures by my

Canadian Retro by Calgary Interior Designer

Some fun portfolio pictures to share… A Canadian winter interior shown in a youthful, retro, and unique way… a perfect

Industrial Modern Interior by Calgary Interior Designer

The industrial look seems to be so popular these days.  Industrial designers focus is to create products that

A Modern Bier Haus Interior by Calgary Interior Designer

The Bier Haus Style:  I enjoyed playing around with so many masculine, German, rich, rustic, and unique elements when

Extreme Indoors by Calgary Interior Designer

This house was designed for the outdoor active enthusiast who loves camping, cycling, climbing, skiing, and pretty

Moroccan Bohemian Modern Interior by Calgary Interior Designer

Where it all started… I loved having the opportunity to spice up this little beige home with some fantastic

A Modern Black & Blonde Interior by Calgary Interior Designer

I love black & blonde (yellow)!  Looks fantastic together with layering greys, creams, off-whites, and other

Contemporary Elegance Interior – Calgary Interior Designer

Contemporary Elegance Interior Desgin A beautiful and fresh interior I did a couple years ago with some classic &

Stools in Style – Calgary Interior Designer

Stools In Style Stools in Style:  Questions to ask when buying stools: 1) Height of Stools:  Do you need counter height