It’s all in the Design Details by Calgary Interior Design Firm

It’s all in the Design Details!

Let your eye see past the ‘stuff’ and fine-tune those design details:

A great way to start off the year is to explore your creativity by fine-tuning the details in your space.  Most clients I have struggle with their spatial complacency, thus feeling un-efficient, un-creative, and un-satisfied with their space.  As designers, we often tell people to ‘focus on one room first’, or ‘set out a budget and execute according to finances’.  These are all great suggestions, however perhaps instead of doing a complete overhaul, I challenge you this year to see past the stuff that is there ‘just because’, and start fine-tuning the details in your space.  De-clutter, move things around, and have purpose when you are fine-tuning those details.  First thing Interior Designers & Architects learn in school is that ‘God is in the Details’.  Look at everything in your space as if you were looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes.

If you have been meaning to execute a design idea… TRY IT!  You might surprise yourself with the outcome. – NFID


Interior Design Firm: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, servicing Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton + Kelowna

Photography: LNP Photography

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