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Stools In Style

Stools in Style:  Questions to ask when buying stools:

1) Height of Stools:  Do you need counter height or bar height?  Counter height is 36″ AFF & Bar height is 42″ AFF.  A counter height stool has a 24″-26″ seat height & a bar height stool has a 28″ – 30″ seat height.  Always ensure you calculate appropriate width required per stool.  When people are sitting at a stool they will require at least 24″-26″ width of space (elbow room).

2) Back Height: Do you want to be able to sit back & relax in your stool or is it meant for function & working over a counter space?

3) Function of Stool: Do you want your stool to swivel, have adjustable height, be fixed, have a foot rest, etc?  Ask you self what functions you need out of your stools.

4) Style: Do you like the look of 4 legs or do you want a hydraulic pedestal base? Should those legs be wood or metal?  What material you do want the seat & back to be made out of?  How durable do you require that material to be?  Some stools are like artwork, they are sculptural & can have interesting lines and a unique design.  Other stools are simplistic and there to provide function (but those can alway still look nice also).


I love stools and think they play an important role in todays kitchens & bars.  In groups of 2, 3, or 4, they provide nice repetition to a space.

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