A Thank You to My Mother by Calgary Interior Designer

I would like to wish my Mother a wonderful & Happy Birthday tomorrow!  She is a wonderful and amazing woman who is always supporting and helping one of her four adult kids or seven grandchildren.  In my journey as a designer, she has been by my side helping me through my high school design projects, the fun but intense interior design degree program I decided to do, my business, and she has come many times from Kelowna, BC to help out with many of my showhome projects.   My Mom and I have a great system worked out.  Her main job description is beds.  I would never trust a bed with anyone else !  I love designing the beds and sourcing product, however it takes LOTS of precious time to hang out sheets, confirm that all pillow forms & duvet inserts are present, make the beds, & steam each bed so they look fabulous and perfect (x by usually 6-8 beds in a 2-3 day timeframe)!  Sometimes she likes the bed designs I come up with, and sometimes she doesn’t (even she is allowed to her opinion:-).  However, she is my saving grace when it comes to pulling showhomes together on tight timelines.

Mother, I wish you a wonderful Birthday!  You have officially done up and made 91 showhome beds for me over the past few years.  When you reach 100, I think I owe you a new bed:-).  I love you lots.  I know this is just a small fraction of  all the amazing things you do and have accomplished, however here are a few pictures to honour all your hard work.

Love your daughter,



Beds by Mom 1 Beds by Mom 2

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