Tribal Style from Literal to Luxurious by Calgary Interior Design Firm

Taking a concept and turning it into it’s most luxurious form is not always an easy task. When a client asks for a Tribal themed master bedroom, we want to avoid something that looks like this:

Tribal, Photo Credit: Unknown

Tribal, Photo Credit: Unknown

And try for something more like this:

Tribal Style by Calgary Interior Design Firm

Although there isn’t anything wrong with the first photo…if you’re on holidays. In Africa. We want to avoid the feeling that a lion could swoop through the window at any given moment, and instead focus on creating a balanced, organic space where you can relax. In this master bedroom, the use of black and white for a tribal theme instantly adds an element of class. The ethnic patterns in a neutral palette don’t take attention away from anything else in the room, working together harmoniously with the natural grasscloth wall covering. By adding little details like the beading on the pillows and lining the drapery with a fabric like Schumacher Kilimanjaro Ikat, adds a feminine touch and softens the primal look.- Written by Ania Bandula

Tribal Master Bedroom by Calgary Interior Design FirmTribal Master Bedroom by Calgary Interior Design Firm


Project/Builder: Sabal Homes, Mahogany Encore Showhome

Interior Designer: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography

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