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Time to go back to design school!

What’s in an Interior Design Students Bag: Essentials to Survive Design School

In My Bag


As an interior design student, we are naturally type A people, which means we are typically organized beings. So to begin, you will need a large tote bag. Preferably in black, and one that won’t slouch over. This will later transition from student to big-girl-job, until I can afford my big-girl-job-bag. Here’s a look at what’s inside.

1. Laptop. Unless you like spending time in a windowless computer lab into the early morning hours, get one. Seriously.

2. Notebook. We write everything down. Preferably a pretty one, ‘cause lets be honest, if it’s ugly, it won’t be used.

3. Pen. I have many. My favourite is the ‘Seven Year Pen’ by Seltzer Goods. I’ve only used it for about a month now, and it still hasn’t crapped out on me. So far so good. Update to follow in 5 years.

4. Lipstick. Many design students are commonly mistaken for homeless people. We don’t have time to wash our hair, k?! Lipstick is a really good way to turn a homeless look into ‘hobo chic’…at the very least. I recommend a shade for every occasion.

5. Hair-ties. They’re in there somewhere. I swear…

6. Lotion. Spending hours in a cold studio dries the skin out. My go to is Hempz, in Original.

7. Earbuds. Music is a big part of design school. It can pump you up or calm you down. Yes, mine are in the case.

8. Pencil Case. Qty: 2-3. For my favourite pens, post-its, erasers, paper clips, extra strength Advil (also see #10), usb sticks, etc. etc.

9. Day Planner. Design students write everything down. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Whether it be an agenda or Moleskine, we take documenting very seriously.

10. Emergen-C. We cannot afford to get sick. As soon as a throat tickle is detected, I normally chase back a couple extra strength Advil with one of these puppies. So there you have it. Essentials for the design student and surviving a semester.


Written By: Ania Bandula


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