Why Hire An Interior Designer by Kelowna Interior Designer

Why Hire An Interior Designer by Kelowna Interior Design Firm:

The growing popularity of renovating your home or making changes to an existing space has been great for the interior design industry.  However, with so many sources available to the public, such as Pinterest, Houzz, and HGTV, many homeowners have taken it upon themselves to do it on their own.  Although there is nothing wrong with doing it yourself, there are just some things that should be left to the professionals…   In comes the interior designer.

Professional Interior Designers do not just focus on colour palettes and material selections, a designer can look at your space and know immediately what is missing.  Professional Interior Designers know how to make the most of your space and what to focus on.  We have been trained to consider relationships within a space, studying things like spatial connectivity and how it can enhance an environment.  We understand the fundamental principles of design including balance, rhythm, scale, unity, variety, pattern, emphasis, harmony, repetition, contrast, & space.  This lays down the foundation for a home or office that is completely customized for you and the growing needs of the users of the space.

Interior Designers can save you money on costly building mistakes & errors as well.  Hiring an interior designer should be looked at as an investment to your project.

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If you are interested in researching interior design or interior designers further, please check out some of the following links:

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If you are American:

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Written by: Ania Bandula, Junior Interior Designer @ NFID

Photography by: Lindsay Nichols Photography

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