Designing a Basement Bathroom

Designing a Basement Bathroom

Often when designing a basement bathroom we usually hear the same design goals from the clients.   When we gather programming information clients usually comment on these things:  1) space restrictions, 2) budget, and 3) function & durability.

In this basement bathroom, we wanted to create a space that maintained a modern classic feel.   The clients main goal was to design have a have a timeless palette and would be durable and in style for years to come.  The users of this bathroom include guests for the first few years and possibly older children in the years to come.

Here is how we approached the bathroom design based on the 3 main design goals:

  1. Space Restrictions:  The bathroom size was restricted so we kept it to a small storage vanity, toilet and shower combination.  We utilized every inch and did our best to ensure it was as functional as possible.  Most basement bathrooms have space restrictions due to other areas of the basement being utilized for family living areas or storage.  Some ways we increase the openness in the space was by maximizing the mirror height, using clear glass shower door & wall wall tile, and ensuring we have good lighting in the shower & over the vanity.
  2. Budget: In order to keep the budget reasonably down, we reduced the area of solid slab carrara marble to only the vanity countertop, top of shower threshold, & the top of the bench seat.  We also were able to keep price down by using a sleek and clean white ceramic wall tile in the shower and tiled up to the ceiling.   This compromise on tile types vs. price point allowed us to still use a beautiful small 1″x1″ charcoal marble mosaic hex tile on the bathroom floor.   By using a small mosaic tile on the floor and shower floor, it helped keep the space unified, classic in style, and feeling as large as possible.  One other thing we did to help keep price down was by keeping the shower glass door and partition at a standard height and did not extend it to the ceiling.  Since we didn’t do a steam shower, this helps also for venting in the space.
  3. Function & Durability: We used many functional and durable elements in the design of this bathroom.  We increased mirror height to the ceiling to emphasize the tall ceiling heights.  We added functional shower baskets to hold shower products, we added a towel shelf over the toilet, and a handheld shower head for ease.   The base cabinet vanity was contained storage including 2 small drawers & a door.

Here are some photos of the bathroom:basement-bathroom-design-by-calgary-interior-design-firmnfid_calgaryinteriordesigner_renfrew-291-editbasement-bathroom-design-by-calgary-interior-design-firm-2


Project: Smith Residence, Calgary, AB

Interior Design Firm: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary, AB

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography, Calgary, AB

Builder: Siena Signature Builders, Calgary, AB

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