Laundry Room Design

Laundry Room Design

Having a separate room for your laundry not only allows for minimal noise coming from your machines spewing into the rest of your home, but can also allow for storage and extra opportunities to have an efficient, clean, and organized household!

For instance, one feature such as the hanging racks above the machines, provides a space to hang delicates and tops straight from the wash.  In addition to the counter space made available that can be used to fold laundry on.

The key features in this laundry room highlight the space’s subtle nautical theme design and its ability to give homeowners added opportunity for organization and efficiency within their home. For example, this laundry room is easily accessible through the master bedroom walk-in closet!

Nautical Crisp Design

The master walk-in closet’s design emphasizes a crisp and clean vibe through its linear white cabinets and shelves.  This theme continues to flow into the laundry room, with its matching linear cabinetry placed next to the laundry machines.  This makes both spaces feel connected and not shut off with its mainstream design.

Enhancing the crisp nautical vibe of the laundry space, in particular, are the white ceramic wave backsplash tiles and the custom flat valance window treatment with navy trimming.  In addition to the charcoal floor tile that enrich and balance the nautical hues of the laundry room.Laundry Room Design by Calgary Interior Design Firm, Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design


Two features that allow optimal organization are: the open shelves for linens and the storage cabinets.  Open shelving gives the laundry room a specific spot for and easier access to linens.  While the storage cabinets can hold laundry detergent and other cleaning supplies.  It can also be used as room for additional storage, such as pull out hampers.

This laundry room gives us the perfect example of how organization and design can be mixed together.  The space effectively delivers a simple eye-catching design.  While at the same time providing supplementary room for homeowners to store and organize their belongings.  Altogether, this room successfully provides a beautifully designed space that brings increased effectiveness to this home!


Written By:  Tatiana Bacalso

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary + Kelowna Interior Design Firm

Photography Credit: Lindsay Nichols Photography, Calgary, AB

Builder: Hopewell Residential, Calgary, AB

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