Modern Black & Blonde

Modern Black + Blonde

Your bedroom is the best place to retreat.  It’s your space to escape to and be in total comfort.  You start and end your day in this room every day, so it’s vital to feel at ease and love every inch of it!  This modern black & blonde master bedroom and ensuite not only provides this form of wellbeing, but is filled with unique designs catered to the homeowners style.

For this master bedroom, NFID focused on simple designs and pieces.  In doing so, NFID on modern lines and the “black and blonde” theme.  The key features of this room entail custom pieces, simple light fixtures, and modern furniture.

Customized Design

The custom pieces made for the bedroom are the primary showcase for the black and blonde theme of the room.  The room’s drapery features customized work done by Robert Allen Landsmeer Citrine, with black chrome hardware. Further emphasizing the yellow accents are the Maharam Aria 015 Elan Yellow Velvet custom pillows.  These custom pieces are placed on the bed and on the arm chair.  The armchair also contains additional material from Maharam.  What is shown is the Maraham Check Split 460290 black and white fabric.  This fabric can be seen on the upholstery on the seating of the modern wedge armchair.

Modern Black & Blonde Master Bedroom by Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Canadian Interior Design Firm

Modern Furniture

The modern vibe of the bedroom is further shown in the furniture chosen for the space.  The bed is a black leather Barcelona-style bed.  This along with the Huppe white oak nightstands and dresser give the room a modern edge with its simplistic, but stunning design.  The lighter coloured furniture allows the black and blonde to have that extra pop of colour within the room.  In addition, this helps balance out the colour scheme by preventing the space to be overwhelmed by solely the black and blonde theme.  To finish off the design of the room, as seen above the dresser, we have amazing street art done by the talented Lindsay Nichols Photography.  This black and white artwork completes the black and blonde theme, with its hint of yellow throughout the piece.

Light Fixtures

This bedroom features two stunning and differing light fixtures.  The first one being the black drum semi-flush light fixture hanging above the bed.  On one hand, this light fixture continues the flow of the black and blonde theme.  On the other hand, the Pablo Solis free standing table lamps add a touch of white.  This adds light features to the space, contrasting with the dark.  In result, balancing out the hues chosen for this room.


The ensuite continues the flow of the modern vibe of the bedroom.  This can be seen through the ensuite’s modern lines, sleek wenge maple flat panel cabinetry and stainless steel pulls.  In addition to the Kohler Vox rectangle semi-flush vanity sinks, all key features cement the modern look of the ensuite.  The raised sinks and the ET2 Larmes linear suspension pendant give a hint of distinctiveness to the space.

Together, both spaces deliver a modern vibe with its black and blonde hues and simple pieces.  Each design element carefully selected successfully providing comfort and style!


Written By: Tatiana Bacalso, Calgary, AB

Interior Design Firm: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Canadian Interior Design Firm

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography, Calgary, AB

Contractor/Builder: Hopewell Residential, Edmonton, AB

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