Laundry Room Renovation by Kelowna Interior Designer

Laundry Room Renovation

Laundry rooms can often be seen as the “command center” for efficiency within the household.  It’s a space for storing cleaning supplies, extra appliances, and laundry baskets, to name a few.  In addition, laundry rooms offer a space of organization and working surfaces for folding and sorting clothes.  Ultimately this laundry room renovation is for the overall household’s convenience.This estate home already had space for a laundry room.  The problem was, that it didn’t meet the client’s needs.  They needed a few touch ups in order for it to become a fully functional laundry room.  NFID assisted in designing and renovating this home’s entire laundry room.  NFID focused heavily on good design and functional space in order to result in an efficient and appealing laundry room.

Good Design

The light colour scheme of the space offers an overall clean look.  The white cabinets and walls offer a mild contrast to the newly chosen grey hues.  Which are seen on the backsplash tile and quartz countertops in Caesarstone Raw Concrete. Accompanying the contrast between the light colour schemes within the laundry room are the dark oil rubbed bronze knobs and faucet.

Functional Space

The newly added white cast iron farm sink sits below the window of the space.  It was important to ensure that the farm sink was placed at the proper height. In order to be fully functional.  This was a key element in the renovation process.

To make use of the space and for additional storage purposes, wall cabinets were added on each side of the window.  Extending the cabinets to the ceiling.  In addition, the added cabinet design compliments the existing kitchen cabinetry.  Allowing the flow of the design and vibe of the overall home to be fluid within different rooms.Laundry Room Renovation by Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary & Kelowna Interior Design Firm

For further functional space, pull out shelves were placed inside the cabinets.  Allowing for increased organization. Whether it be for cleaning supplies or a spot to store and organize linens.  The free countertop space also gives way for ultimate productivity within this laundry room.  Showing us that good design = functional spaces.


Project: Private Residence

Written By: Tatiana Bacalso

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Contractor: Triangle Enterprises Ltd. 

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography

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