Custom Basement Bar Design

Custom Basement Bar Design

Basements are a great way to increase and create additional living spaces within your home.  This gives you an array of options in how you want to use the additional space.  You are given the possibilities to use it for storage, a secondary suite, or a fun recreational room for your family.  Just to name a few!  We are excited to share some beautiful photos of this custom basement bar design.For this project, this home originally had a big, empty, and open basement.  This gave NFID the perfect opportunity to add a basement bar curated to these homeowners needs and wants!  This fun renovation could have not been completed without Triangle Enterprises.  They are a local-based renovation specialist/contractor, known for their expertise in home renovations, customization and customer satisfaction.Custom Basement Bar Design by Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary & Kelowna Interior Design Firm.

A Touch of Millwork

The basement bar is framed with oak stained ebony millwork.  The millwork successfully delivers the whole bar as a sole unique design feature for the space.  The lighter tones of the Tierra Sol backsplash tile along with the Caesarstone Raw Concrete quartz countertop effectively balance the dark hued framework of this customized bar.

The open shelving is backed by antique mirrors, giving this design feature further exclusivity. While accentuating glasses and other trinkets put on display in the cases.

Customized Bar

To maximize the use of the space, we designed a versatile functioning bar.  This bar serves for multipurpose uses.  The bar includes supplementary spaces that contains room for extra wine storage, a sink and dishwasher.  In addition to also working as an entertainment system.  Giving these homeowners the ability to have a place to sit and watch TV.  The accent lighting gives focus to the main features of the bar, highlighting the wine display and TV set.

In addition to the wine storage displayed on the shelves, we installed QTY 2 24” wine fridges, allowing for freshly cooled wine to be served.  The wine fridges are placed underneath the counter.  Along with extra cabinet space/drawers and the dishwasher. Successfully optimizing the space.


Clients: Private Residence, Riverstone, Calgary, AB

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design, Calgary & Kelowna Interior Design Firm

Contractor: Triangle Enterprises Ltd.

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography

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