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Open Concept Modern Home

Open Concept Modern Home Throughout the design and construction process, my clients kept referring to their open

A Lake House Style Entry

A Lake House Style Entry There is nothing as refreshing as a simplistic, modern, and fresh design palette inspired by

Armoire for the Entry by Calgary Interior Design Firm

Armoire for the entry way is typically it is the first thing you see when you enter your home and the last thing you

Inspired by a Cuckoo Clock by Calgary Interior Designer

Happy Thanksgiving & Belated Oktoberfest!!!  This interior space was inspired by a cuckoo clock!  It is a modern

A Modern Bier Haus Interior by Calgary Interior Designer

The Bier Haus Style:  I enjoyed playing around with so many masculine, German, rich, rustic, and unique elements when

New Vintage Interior by Calgary Interior Designer

Enjoy the New Vintage look with a mix on various design periods such as; traditional, mid-century, industrial, modern,

West Coast Modern Interior by Calgary Interior Designer

This is one of my most favourite projects still to date.  The West Coast Modern feel with beautiful contemporary